Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lazy in Langkawi

Have you ever had one of those family holidays that make you want to crawl straight into bed the moment you get home?  The 'relaxing' break that has you paranoid about disturbing the grumpy couple in the room next door, or praying for dear life that your little one doesn't fall into the neck-deep pool, or worse, catch something from the distinctly green water.

Happily, we've just run off on a long weekend break that is none of those things; I can't recommend The Andaman, on the lovely Malaysian island of Langkawi enough.  I'm writing this post in situ - from our lovely king-sized bed, looking out into monkey-filled trees.  Of course, there are toy cars all over the place and the bathroom floor is soaking after a fairly lively bath hour, but none the less I feel as if, well, as if I'm on holiday.  

It's an easy trip from KL.  You can fly with Firefly from KL's closest airport, Subang and be on the island in just over an hour.  And a taxi ride later, you'll be sitting back on a plush sofa sipping your welcome drink while a staff member takes care of the check in process for you.

Welcome drinks at The Andaman.  The digger and the dinosaur enjoyed them too.
And along with a pretty good kids' club, an amazing health spa, water sports and flying lemurs, other big reasons to go here include:

- The beach.  The hotel is set along a very pretty, quiet and clean beach.  We've just spent a happy afternoon reclining (that's right, we have actually managed to be horizontal today) while Mister Three pottered around in the sand. The hotel has clever filtered water stations peppered around the beach to help you avoid the downright tedium of having to move further than a few metres away to keep hydrated.

- The pool.  It is totally possible to play 'making soup' at the baby pool end and never have to bump into that serious, lap-swimming super fit person (and there is always one) or crash with the tweens racing down the water slide.

- The food.  The food is pretty reasonably priced for a hotel of this type and there are a number of good restaurant options.  Under-threes eat free from the very good kids' menu.  Shockingly, it even includes vegetarian options and allergy advice, as well as meals that don't come with a side order of chips but still taste good.

- The service.   Very slick.  Everything is done with a smile and nothing is too much bother.  We asked housekeeping for a razor.  It arrived within two minutes.  Five minutes later we got a follow up call.  

I will round off by saying that rack rates don't come cheap here, but if you can be flexible with travel dates you can sometimes get pretty reasonable deals.  Speak to the hotel and ask what's available.

You won't regret it.  Just don't forget the bucket and spade.  The razor can stay at home.


  1. Hi There!
    It sounds like you had a lovely time. I cannot wait to go with my family in the next few months!
    What is your opinion on their room size? Our children are 4 and 6 and are undecided if we should book 1 or two rooms. They mention that there is a sofa bed in the deluxe rooms but unsure if it will fit both children on there for a week.

    Any thoughts to this?

  2. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!
    Lucky you, you will love Langkawi. It's such a beautiful, relaxing place.
    I can understand why you aren't sure about whether to go for one or two rooms. I think we had a deluxe room as well. It was a lovely and very comfy room, but I must admit it wasn't big. However, we used the sofa bed too and it was a good arrangement. It's basically a little day bed, but they can configure it so it becomes almost the size of a double bed. So you can probably get two children fairly comfortably on it. But once you have the sofa bed set up you won't have a lot of extra space in the rest of the room. That's worth bearing in mind if you'll have a lot of luggage or if you like to have a bit of space for the children to run around. Does that help?
    Have a wonderful time - I'd love to hear your thoughts when you're back.
    Anna x


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