Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lugging Car Seats Around The Globe

I once saw a motorbike carrying six people.  A whole family had carefully counterbalanced themselves onto the vehicle and were happily zooming through the streets of Hanoi.

It was an impressive feat, but knowing full well that we can afford to travel safely in a car, and bearing in mind that it's the law back home, we've made it a priority to make sure our little one travels as safely as he can when moving around in taxis during our travels.

One of the best pieces of kit we bought when moving to KL was our Kiddy Energy Pro car seat.  I'm not writing about this product because I've been asked to, just because it has been a lifesaver for us.  It's a UK group one car seat, meaning that it is suitable for toddlers (not infants) up to 18 kg.

We love it because of two key things.  It is light.  And it is very, very easy to fit.  There's no need to harness it in with complicated seatbelt manoeuvres (haven't we all been there...).  It's a matter of placing it on the seat, popping in the clever impact shield and running a seatbelt over it.  Voila.  We tend to get grumpy stares from taxi drivers around the world when we produce the carseat.  It's always funny to watch their surprise as child is popped in in under a minute and they are having to hurriedly put away the newspaper they thought they'd be cosying up with for the next ten minutes.

Of course, there's one more vital factor in all of this.  It has excellent safety ratings.  I'm no safety expert and of course your best bet is to speak to an advisor when you choose a car seat, but from the point of view of a mum who moves, this is a great option.

And just how do we get it around the world with us?  Why, in a delightfully tacky £2 striped canvas bag.  Throw it in and check it in.  Couldn't be easier.

(Please note that all of my endorsements are based on my own experiences and preferences.  I do not endorse products for money or upon request).


  1. Great blog about a great product! Thanks so much Anna. Best wishes from Kiddy UK Marketing

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it. Just thought more people should know about a product that really works for families on the move. :)


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