Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cultural Failure

(Just to help this little anecdote along, it's probably worth my explaining that my husband is British Indian and I'm white Australian.  We are trying to raise a family that takes pride in its mixed heritage).

Tonight I encountered the non-Indian parent's worst bedtime nightmare: 'Mummy, sing me an Indian song like Daddy does'.
Determined not to be a complete failure, I mashed up a song naming all the Indian states I could think of. As they began to elude me I moved on to naming Indian dishes. 'Batata nu shak' I sang optimistically.
'That's not really very good is it Mummy?' replied a scathing three year old. Shaking his head with a tsk he then said 'You'll just have to tell me an Indonesian story instead, won't you?'
Because that would be so much easier.

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