Friday, 20 September 2013

In Search Of The Perfect Maternity Dress: Mum2BeMaternity

Ah, that perfect maternity dress.  In my first pregnancy it was a grey number from funky European brand, Prenatal.  It was a simple long-sleeved, knee-length design with a drawstring waist, covered in little storks and old-fashioned prams.  Sounds naff, I know, but it really wasn't.  I suspect it was designed by a modern-day genius; it somehow made my legs look longer and my bump all pert and 'out front'.  I wore it to death.  In fact, I gave birth in it (but that's another story).

Fast-forward three and a half years, to another country, another climate and a whole new world of maternity fashion.  And I've finally found my perfect maternity wardrobe staple, mark two. It only took me 31 weeks.  Better late than never!  Where did I find this gem?  Right here in Malaysia at the online store Mum2BeMaternity.

After months of scouring what seems to be a fairly limited (and often overpriced) selection here in Malaysian shops, I stumbled across the brand during an internet search.  They had me at their strap line: 'Australian designed maternity clothing at Malaysian prices'.  I brashly went ahead and ordered two items: the aforementioned 'perfect dress' for the grand sum of RM49.99 (see left) and also a pretty nursing/maternity top for RM29.99.  Delivery to Kuala Lumpur set me back just RM10.  I ordered the items on a Thursday morning and they arrived at my door the very next day.   A good start!  (Note to non Malaysian mamas - international shipping is also available at a flat rate of $US20.)

I don't know about you but I always feel a tinge of trepidation when I try on internet buys.  There's always that lingering doubt that the actual item will resemble the one you saw online.  So when I tried on my two items and discovered that they looked as good on as I'd hoped I found myself mentally composing this blog post right away.

Here's why they're keepers:

The black dress works overtime.  It looks equally good thrown together with thongs (that's flip flops to you non-Aussies, not the other type of 'thong') for a casual daytime look or with a pair of heels for evenings.  I think I could just about make it work on the diplomatic reception circuit.  It fits snuggly without being clingy and has a flattering neckline.  If you hate floral maternity 'tents', you'll love that this looks like a dress you would have worn before you fell pregnant.

The maternity/nursing top I bought (see left) is well-made, comfortable and flattering.  It's one of the few v-necked nursing tanks I've found.  It's also not encumbered by that odd-looking 'lift-up' panel that some feeding tops have.  At RM29.99 it's no more expensive than a normal tank top.

All in all, I'm delighted that I found this brand.  I'll be back scouring their website soon for more nursing gear.  For now, I'm stepping into my polka-dot Mothercare pyjamas, but I have no doubt the dress will be back on duty tomorrow.

(Please note that all of my endorsements are based on my own experiences and preferences.  I do not endorse products for money or upon request).

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