Monday, 27 January 2014

Breastfeeding On The Hop - Covering Up In Style (Nurse Ease by Bellies & Beyond)

I don't know about you but the first time I fed my baby au natural in public it felt, well, distinctly weird.  Until that point I just wasn't in the habit of pulling up my t-shirt in front of random strangers.  Happily I transitioned from those early nerves and can now proudly say that I breastfed baby number one through to toddlerhood - on a ship, sitting on a stone fence in a quaint Greek town, in the cellar of a Roman castle (yes, really), on the most turbulent plane trip of my life and by the pond at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I plan on doing similar things this time round with Little Miss, though omitting the scary plane flight if at all possible.  And there's one thing that will be helping me do so again - my feeding cover.  I use a Nurse Ease from Bellies & Beyond.  I came across this little gem after doing the rounds with a number of other cover up options:  I never did master the old 'throw a cloth over the shoulder' technique that some of my friends swear by and as for those apron-type cover ups, well, I don't look good in one when I'm cooking, let alone while trying to balance a baby and a coffee in Starbucks.

The Nurse Ease is basically a big piece of elasticated fabric that goes over the shoulder and covers the entire area from shoulder to waist, including the crucial back area.  It's roomy and comfy and doesn't draw a lot of attention when you're trying and failing to get that nursing bra clip undone in one swift manoeuvre.  There are no hideous pink florals or cherub motifs, just simple, neutral patterns and shades that go with most outfits.  It's made from organic cotton, is durable, machine washable and rolls up easily to fit in a change bag.

Less is more - the simple fabric of my Nurse Ease
You can see the Nurse Ease in action on the Bellies & Beyond website.  You can also see a list of stockists - it's widely available across the USA, online and also in a number of other countries as well, including Australia, Canada and the Philippines.

(Please note that all of my endorsements are based on my own experiences and preferences.  I do not endorse products for money or upon request).

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