Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Essential Travel Handbook: The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children

Everyone knows that unfortunately babies and children don't come with manuals attached.  (And I have to admit, I've vowed never to read another parenting book - I can't be doing with the extra lashings of stress/guilt/why-does-my-baby-never-do-what-the-book-says phobias they seem to induce in me).

But here's a book I'll be reading from cover to cover.  You see, the idea behind this one is that it will make your life easier.   Can't argue with that.

It covers everything from tips on coping with bizarre toilets in far-flung corners of the world to packing the car for a long drive.  In essence it's everything I wish I had the time (and the experience) to write about here.  I hope you'll find it as useful as I do.

(Please note that all of my endorsements are based on my own experiences and preferences.  I do not endorse products for money or upon request).

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