Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Definitive Guide: Fun For Kids In Malaysia

My husband is the king of travel coordination.  He has the enviable skill of being able to upturn hidden gems with just a glance at a map (and he can even fold the damn things up properly too).  He's the person least likely to end up being taken for a ride (literally) by a taxi driver expecting a nice commission from his wife's sister's cousin's neighbour's family rug making business in Egypt (and take it from me, that's not a travel experience you want to be part of).

But now I'm looking forward to showing him a thing or two thanks to a book I (okay, my husband) recently stumbled upon called 'Fun For Kids In Malaysia'.  It basically has our travel/weekend/evening plans mapped out for us for the rest of our time here.

The book breaks down regions of Malaysia, outlining attractions, adventures, sports, nature, shopping, performing arts etc on offer in each area.  All the listings are geared towards families and provide transport and price information along with a brief overview.  All the big attractions are there, but there are also lots of less well-known activities too.  Who knew, for instance, that for RM4 you can visit a hot spring in Melaka?  Or if the notion takes you, watch an annual squid scooping contest on the Kuala Cenang jetty?  I've earmarked the Royal Malaysian Police Museum in Kuala Lumpur for my emergency-loving preschooler.  And I'm intrigued to learn about Bread Town in Shah Alam, where I can visit a bread factory and take home a goody bag too.

If you're only in Malaysia for a week or two a standard Lonely Planet should provide more than enough fodder, but for families taking longer holidays, or for expats or even locals, the plethora of information stored here is a godsend.  It's written by Lydia Teh and published by Marshall Cavendish.  My husband bought our copy at Kinokuniya in KLCC.  Speaking of which, where is that man?  I need him to tell me how we're going to get ourselves to that squid scooping contest...

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