Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hop On Hop Off Bus

If you're anything like me, when you visit or move to a new place you will collect enough maps to start a small library.  Aside from the fun you'll have trying to fold them back up again, if, again, you're like me, they'll be nice things to have but frankly not mean a whole lot.  Because in my (poor map reading) experience, the best way to get to know a place is simply to get out and see it.

And that's where KL's Hop On Hop Off Bus comes in.  Despite living in the city for nearly two and a half years, it was only recently, with visiting friends, that I took my first trip on the bus.  I should mention that I also took Mister Four and Little Miss along for the ride too (who both travelled free).

And it was great!  So good that I'm planning on taking the children on the trip again.  The bus follows a round trip that covers an astounding amount of the city via 22 bus stops.  As the name implies, you can get on and off anywhere along the route and pick up the next bus when it comes along in 20 to 30 minutes.

The round trip takes longer than I'd anticipated - a good two and a half hours minus stops on the day we took it, though do factor in that KL's traffic is highly changeable.  With that in mind, you could really plan an entire day using the bus.  Start early and then schedule in a few child-friendly stops to break up the trip.  I'd suggest visiting the Central Markets in Chinatown for market shopping and Chinese food, Little India for a tosai lunch and a spot of sari shopping and the Bird Park for the open spaces, playground and, oh yes, the birds.  End up in the KLCC or Bukit Bintang area for some dinner and shopping if you can muster the energy.

Of course, that's just one option, and there are lots of other things to see along the tour.  But don't forget the fun of the bus itself.  Mister Four was beside himself with glee when we sat up top for a while (though Little Miss had to stay downstairs with my friends - there's no stroller access to the top, though plenty of space downstairs).  It's great fun to watch KL from above.  And sweaty mums take note - it's the first place I've ever found to catch a cooling breeze in this humid city.  In my book that alone makes it worth the ticket.

You can find out full details about the route, ticketing and so forth on their website.

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