Monday, 30 June 2014

Ergobaby Stowaway: The Baby Carrier For The Tropics

Over the course of two babies I think I've owned about five different carriers.  I've also borrowed countless varieties from friends and family.  Wraps, slings and pouches, I've tried them all.  Not because of some bizarre obsession (although my husband may disagree), but because finding the perfect way to carry baby hands-free is almost as complicated as finding the right mortgage.  It's just so specific.  Everyone wants something slightly different.  And every back, and every baby, differ too.

So why am I writing about one baby carrier in particular?  Quite simply because it's the product that more people have recommended to me than any other and because having recently purchased one, I'm a complete convert.  Of course, you'll want to try it out for yourself but for me the Ergobaby Stowaway is about as good as it gets for those of us living or travelling in tropical climates.


- It's lightweight.
When trudging the streets in 36˚C heat the last thing you want is a thick, bulky fabric wrapping itself around you and baby.

- It's so comfy.
I love the way the baby sits snuggly against me and her weight is distributed evenly across my back, meaning no back pain for me.  And most importantly Little Miss seems very happy in her new mode of transport.

- It's secure.
I was a little skeptical that a lightweight fabric would feel 'safe'.  But with its safety clips and sturdy stitching I walk around hands free with no qualms.

- It has a sun hood.
Very important here in KL.  The sun hood folds away and can be pulled out when needed.  It's a real bonus, though if I'm being picky I find it's a bit too big for my baby at this stage.

- It wipes clean.
Anyone with a reflux baby or a sticky-handed toddler will know why this is a great, great thing.

- You can use it for a long time.
Technically, I could still wear Mister Four in this carrier.  I'm not sure what he'd have to say about that though...

- It folds up neatly.
I must admit that most of the time the carrier gets shoved into the bottom of the stroller or flung across the back seat of the car, but when we are flying or taking a long car journey it's really handy to be able to fold it up and er, stow the Stowaway away.

Of course nothing's perfect and I do have two little niggles about the product.  The first is that to use it for a newborn you need to buy a separate newborn insert.  That's fine in theory but the insert is thickly padded and in my opinion, would be far too hot to use in countries like Malaysia.  We simply waited to use the product until Little Miss met the recommended 5.5kg.

My second little complaint is that you can't place your baby facing outwards in an Ergobaby.  But you can wear your baby on your back and side, as well as in the front position.

Those two little niggles aside, I absolutely love my Stowaway.  It keeps both of us happy and is a great alternative to dodging potholes with a stroller.  It's Little Miss's favourite place to snooze and the best way to get anything done around the house on those clingy sorts of days.  A great buy.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say I may never need to buy another carrier again.  Well, until a new model comes out anyway...

The Ergobaby Stowaway is available at Mothercare in Malaysia.  You can also visit Ergobaby's official website for more information.

(Please note that all of my endorsements are based on my own experiences and preferences.  I do not endorse products for money or upon request).

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